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What Are The Best Medicare Advantage Plans For Seniors?

In 1997, Congress decided that American’s should have access to health programs being offered by private insurance companies.

As such, Medicare Part C (or Medicare Advantage Plans) was created, essentially offering you Part A and B coverage from your private insurance company, using a network of health care providers.

The Medicare Advantage premiums can sometimes cost more than part B with Original Medicare, and have varying deductibles and copays, but they also offer additional benefits and sometimes include vision, dental and hearing services.

There are no shortage of private insurance companies offering Medicare Advantage plans, and you should always pick a plan that offers the right mix of coverage, access to medical professionals you’re comfortable with and copays you can manage, but it doesn’t hurt to also pay attention to how they’re rated while shopping around.

One such study is offered by J.D. Power and measures customer satisfaction with their Medicare Advantage providers.

In 2020, the study named 4 companies whose plans exceeded the industry average for customer satisfaction.

  1. Highmark (830)
  2. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan (829)
  3. Humana (806)
  4. UnitedHealthCare (800)

The scores were based off 6 rankings factors:

  1. Coverage and benefits (29%)
  2. Provider choice (17%)
  3. Cost (15%)
  4. Customer service (14%)
  5. Information and communication (13%)
  6. Billing and payment (12%).

While plan availability will vary from state to state, you should be in good hands if you’re able to find a plan from one of the companies above that also meets your health care needs.

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