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Top 13 Medicare Plans For 2020

Did you know The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services releases ratings for Medicare Advantage (Part C) and Part D Plans each year?

The 5 star rating system scales from 1 to 5, and measures plan quality (cost, coverage, benefits) and the user experience.

Top Rated (5 Star) Medicare Plans By Provider in 2020

  1. Aetna Medicare
  2. CarePlus Health Plans, Inc.
  3. Florida Blue HMO
  4. HealthPartners
  5. HealthSpring of Florida, Inc.
  6. HealthSun Health Plans, Inc.
  7. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington
  8. Kaiser Permanente
  9. KelseyCare Advantage
  10. Martin’s Point Generations Advantage
  11. Senior Preferred
  12. Tufts Health Plan
  13. UnitedHealthcare

A complete listing of the 5 star plans is shown below in the table by contract number.

Overall in 2020, 20 plans received a 5 star rating.

Another 92 plans received a rating of 4.5 stars, with 210 plans scoring 4 stars or higher.

This was a noted increase from 172 plans that scored 4 stars or higher in 2019.

Medicare Plans will vary by state, so once you’ve identified whether you’re going with Original Medicare (Part A/B) or Medicare Advantage (Part C) and understand what type of supplemental coverage you’ll need based on those plans, make sure to check their Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ratings before you buy!

Organization Marketing NameContract NameContract Number
Aetna MedicareAetna Health Inc. (me)H3597
CarePlus Health Plans, Inc.Careplus Health Plans, Inc.H1019
Florida Blue HMOFlorida Blue Medicare, Inc.H1035
HealthPartnersGroup Health Plan, Inc. (mn)H2462
HealthSpring of Florida, Inc.Healthspring Of FloridaH5410
HealthSun Health Plans, Inc.Healthsun Health Plans, Inc.H5431
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of WashingtonKaiser Foundation Health Plan Of WashingtonH5050
Kaiser PermanenteKaiser Foundation Hp, Inc.H0524
Kaiser PermanenteKaiser Foundation Hp Of CoH0630
Kaiser PermanenteKaiser Foundation Hp Of Ga, Inc.H1170
Kaiser PermanenteKaiser Foundation Hp, Inc.H1230
Kaiser PermanenteKaiser Fndn Hp Of The Mid-atlantic StsH2150
Kaiser PermanenteKaiser Fdtn Hlth Plan Of The Mid-atlantic StatesH2172
KelseyCare AdvantageKs Plan Administrators, LlcH0332
Martin’s Point Generations AdvantageMartin’s Point Generations Advantage, Inc.H1365
Senior PreferredQuartz Health Plan CorporationH5262
Senior PreferredQuartz Health Plan Mn CorporationH9834
Tufts Health PlanTufts Associated Health Maintenance OrganizationH2256
UnitedHealthcareCare Improvement Plus South Central Insurance CoH1537
UnitedHealthcareUnitedhealthcare Benefits Of Texas, Inc.H4590

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