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About was founded with a simple goal… to help people understand Medicare.

What it is. How it works. What it covers.

We created this website to lay out that information as clearly as possible and in plain English (with no confusing medical and/or bureaucratic jargon).

We also realize the Internet may not be the best place for many to get the information they need about Medicare. So we set up a free search on our site so you can easily find Medicare resources near you.

This site is completely independent from Medicare and is not affiliated with the program in any way. Nor are we owned or operated by an insurance company or a company that sells leads to insurance companies.

We’re just regular folks who have been frustrated with the confusing Medicare system who are trying to create the resource we’d like for ourselves to help navigate the world of Medicare. We hope you find the information on this helpful as you navigate the world of Medicare plans, coverage and more.