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adjustable beds

Does Medicare Cover Adjustable Beds?

Do you or a loved one need an adjustable bed?

These beds can be quite costly. So a common question people ask is “does Medicare cover adjustable beds?”

We answer that question below in plain English. Also, you’ll find cost info for adjustable beds and some other helpful info about them.

Does Medicare Cover Adjustable Beds?

Yes, Original Medicare covers adjustable beds. They are considered as Durable Medical Equipment (DME), which Medicare Part B covers.

When covered, Medicare pays 80% of the cost for an adjustable bed. However, Medicare may not always cover them if you purchase them. It may only cover a rental or loan of the bed if you need one.

That said, for Medicare to cover an adjustable bed, there are certain conditions that you’ll have to meet.

First, you will need a prescription and medical records from your doctor/physician stating a specific reason (your exact condition) why you need an adjustable bed. Basically you’ll have to show the bed is a medical necessity.

Some of those conditions may include severe body pain, poor body alignment, cardiac diseases, chronic pulmonary obstructive disease (COPD), quadriplegia, paraplegia, and severe arthritis.

Also, in order to be covered by Medicare, your doctor and supplier must be official Medicare providers.

Your Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Part C may cover adjustable beds with a possible additional coverage, including certain services or equipment.

How Much Do Adjustable Beds Cost?

Adjustable beds can be costly, ranging from $500-$30000. And some of the most expensive hospital beds can only be rented, such as ICU beds.

What Is An Adjustable Bed?

Like the name suggests, adjustable beds can be repositioned to provide comfort. They can also serve important medical purposes.

Some hospital beds are adjustable, and you can tell that it is if you can elevate the head and the foot part of the bed.

Adjustable beds are considered medical equipment. Because the bed is adjustable to several positions, it can be of great use to people who suffer from certain conditions like paraplegia or have broken limbs. Because it is adjustable, it provides excellent comfortability and reduces the risks of injury and pain to the user.

But adjustable beds are not only found in hospitals and other medical infrastructures; you can also purchase one for your home. There are also a lot of varieties of adjustable beds with many different features. Despite the differences between each type, all of them are made to assist and comfort the user.

Types of Adjustable Beds

Here are the different types of adjustable beds:

  • Fully-Electric Hospital Bed
  • Semi-Electric Hospital Bed
  • Manual Hospital Bed
  • Low Hospital Bed
  • Trendelenburg Hospital Bed

Fully Electric

Just like what the name suggests, all parts of Fully-Electric Hospital Beds require electric power. They often come with a remote, which allows the users to adjust many parts of the bed. Even the height of the bed is adjustable.

Aside from the remote, you can also adjust the bed using the buttons from the sides. The buttons can be a great alternative to the remote if it stops working or if the user is unable to use the remote due to injury or other conditions. Despite being the easiest to use, full-electric hospital beds are costly.


Semi-Electric Hospital Bed can be operate either manually or electrically. Like the fully-electric hospital beds, they usually come with remote control and side buttons for the user to adjust.

But you can also adjust the bed using the hand crank. Even if the remote control and side buttons malfunction, you can use the hand crank. Plus, they are less expensive compared to fully-electric beds.


A Manual Hospital Bed, like the name says, can be adjusted manually. It has no electric feature whatsoever and is usually equipped with a hand crank or another mechanism so that the user can adjust the bed.

Unfortunately, the user may need someone else’s help to adjust the bed if he/she does not have the strength to do so. Manual hospital beds are the cheapest types of adjustable beds.


Low Hospital Bed, as you might expect from the name, are very low to the ground. Generally just about a foot or so. They are made to prevent injuries if someone falls off the bed. It is also great for people who want to get off the bed quickly.

Despite being close to the ground, you can still adjust to many positions. Low hospital beds are fully electronic and can get a little pricey.


Compared to the other types, Trendelenburg Hospital Beds are by far the most adjustable beds. Aside from the foot and head adjustment that usually adjustable beds have, Trendelenburg hospital beds allow the user to adjust individual parts of the bed. However, these beds are larger than regular adjustable beds and the most expensive because of their features. They are also fully electric.

Note: Medicare coverage changes all the time. And your specific coverage may impact what gets covered and what doesn’t. Always be sure to double check with your health care provider and/or Medicare insurance provider about what is and isn’t covered by your plan.

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