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Best Medicare Advantage Plans of 2021

Top Blue Cross Blue Shield BCBS Medicare Advantage Plan Benefits for 2021

  • About 15% Of All Medicare Enrolled People In The U.S. Chose Blue Cross Blue Shield For Medicare Coverage, Roughly 3.6 Million Americans.
  • Offers A Large Provider Network With Competitive, Transparent Pricing and Incentive Discounts Available
  • Many BCBS Plans Offer Additional Bonus Coverage Including Telehealth, Dental, Vision, Hearing, Prescription Coverage, With Emphasis On Preventative Care, Including Access To Fitness Programs.
  • All BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans have an annual out-of-pocket max, once you hit this number, the plan picks up 100% of all plan charges.

Medicare Advantage Plans were created in 1997 when Congress allowed private insurance companies to offer Medicare Plans to Americans.

Medicare Advantage (or Plan C) offers those insured Plan A and B coverage from private insurance companies instead of the government, using the insurance companies network of providers.

Medicare Advantage plans can sometime cost more than traditional Medicare A and B plans, but they often include additional benefits original Medicare plans won’t offer.

Enter Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans in 2021. As noted above, BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans are offering in all 50 states and cover almost 15% of American’s on Medicare. There are hundreds of Medicare providers, so 15% is a huge number and indicator of how popular the plans are.

BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans offer excellent coverage for traditional Plan A and B medical and hospital coverage, while also including some extra goodies that many members love.

This includes $0 deductible and premium options, PPO, HMO and Special Needs Plans options with an extremely large provider network, making it easier to find in network care, something you have to watch closely with Medicare coverage.

Special plan discounts are also available for couples buying together in the same household, setting up automatic payments and non-smoking adults.

Another amazing benefit and focus on Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans if their focus on preventative health measures, e.g., fitness programs.

If you’re staying healthy, you’re staying away from the doctors and medical bills, a win win for both parties. BCBS offers excellent preventative options, including their Blue365 health and program.

The Blue365 program offers members discounts on health and wellness options like diet and nutrition supplement and gym memberships, promoting and helping members live a healthy lifestyle.

Some BCBS plans can also help pay for senior care items like hearing aids, mobile phones and more!

Should You Chose A Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plan?

Ultimately, your zip code is going to determine the best possible Medicare Advantage Plan for you.

This will determine your costs, in network coverage and the local providers in the area.

While we would strongly recommend seeing what BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans are available in your area with a simple zip code check, we would also strongly recommend you shop around to find the best possible plan coverage, in addition to plan consumer ratings, not all service areas are the same.

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