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2020 Medicare Part C Advantage 5-Star Ratings Table

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) releases Medicare Part C and D plan ratings each year to help the public measure the quality of these plans each year. The table below offers the 2020 ratings for Medicare Part C (Advantage) plans.

2020 Star Ratings Master Table

Contract NumberContract Name2020 Part C Summary
H1651Medical Associates Health Plan, Inc.5
H0332Ks Plan Administrators, Llc5
H0524Kaiser Foundation Hp, Inc.5
H0630Kaiser Foundation Hp Of Co5
H1170Kaiser Foundation Hp Of Ga, Inc.5
H5410Healthspring Of Florida5
H5431Healthsun Health Plans, Inc.5
H1994Selecthealth, Inc.5
H3388Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Inc.5
H4605Regence Bluecross Blueshield Of Utah5
H5256Medical Associates Clinic Health Plan4.5
H5264Dean Health Plan, Inc.4.5
H1019Careplus Health Plans, Inc.4.5
H1035Florida Blue Medicare, Inc.4.5
H1230Kaiser Foundation Hp, Inc.4.5
H1365Martin’s Point Generations Advantage, Inc.4.5
H1537Care Improvement Plus South Central Insurance Co4.5
H2150Kaiser Fndn Hp Of The Mid-atlantic Sts4.5
H2172Kaiser Fdtn Hlth Plan Of The Mid-atlantic States4.5
H2256Tufts Associated Health Maintenance Organization4.5
H2462Group Health Plan, Inc. (mn)4.5
H3597Aetna Health Inc. (me)4.5
H4590Unitedhealthcare Benefits Of Texas, Inc.4.5
H5050Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Of Washington4.5
H5262Quartz Health Plan Corporation4.5
H0154Viva Health, Inc.4.5
H0169Unitedhealthcare Of The Midwest, Inc.4.5
H0710Sierra Health And Life Insurance Company, Inc.4.5
H1286Unitedhealthcare Insurance Company4.5
H1961Peoples Health, Inc.4.5
H2226Unitedhealthcare Insurance Company4.5
H2422Healthpartners, Inc.4.5
H3344Independent Health Benefits Corporation4.5
H3416Healthpartners Unitypoint Health, Inc.4.5
H3817Regence Bluecross Blueshield Of Oregon4.5
H3916Highmark Senior Health Company4.5
H4882Healthpartners, Inc.4.5
H5042Cdphp Universal Benefits, Inc.4.5
H5215Network Health Insurance Corporation4.5
H5386Sharp Health Plan4.5
H5420Medica Healthcare Plans, Inc.4.5
H5425Scan Health Plan4.5
H5427Freedom Health, Inc.4.5
H5521Aetna Life Insurance Company4.5
H5522Healthassurance Pennsylvania, Inc.4.5
H5526Healthnow New York Inc.4.5
H5533Upmc Health Network, Inc.4.5
H5938Capital Health Plan4.5
H6237Regence Bluecross Blueshield Of Oregon4.5
H7006Atrio Health Plans4.5
H8142Scott And White Health Plan4.5
H8768Unitedhealthcare Insurance Co Of The River Valley4.5
H9047Providence Health Assurance4.5
H9096Dean Health Plan, Inc.4.5
R1548Unitedhealthcare Insurance Co Of The River Valley4.5
H2225Commonwealth Care Alliance, Inc.4.5
H3384Healthnow New York Inc.4.5
H3655Community Insurance Company4.5
H5009Regence Blueshield4.5
H5471Simply Healthcare Plans, Inc.4.5
H5937Ucare Minnesota4.5
H9725Cigna Healthcare Of North Carolina, Inc.4.5
H2032Insurance Company Of Scott And White4.5
H6502Missouri Valley Life And Health Insurance Company4.5
H9834Quartz Health Plan Mn Corporation4
H0028Cha Hmo, Inc.4
H1036Humana Medical Plan, Inc.4
H1350Blue Cross Of Idaho Care Plus, Inc.4
H1468Humana Benefit Plan Of Illinois, Inc.4
H1609Aetna Health Inc. (fl)4
H1951Humana Health Benefit Plan Of Louisiana, Inc.4
H2001Sierra Health And Life Insurance Company, Inc.4
H2230Bcbs  Of Massachusetts Hmo Blue, Inc.4
H2416Primewest Rural Mn Health Care Access Initiative4
H2419South Country Health Alliance4
H2425Blue Plus4
H2458Medica Health Plans4
H2461Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Minnesota4
H3335Excellus Health Plan, Inc.4
H3362Independent Health Association, Inc.4
H3528Connecticare, Inc.4
H3660Summacare Inc.4
H3668Mount Carmel Health Plan, Inc.4
H3794Care Improvement Plus Wisconsin Insurance Company4
H3805Unitedhealthcare Of Oregon, Inc.4
H3815Alignment Health Plan4
H3907Upmc Health Plan, Inc.4
H3959Aetna Health Inc. (pa)4
H4003Mmm Healthcare, Llc4
H4004Mmm Healthcare, Llc4
H4461Cariten Health Plan Inc.4
H4513Healthspring Life & Health Insurance Company, Inc.4
H5253Unitedhealthcare Of Wisconsin, Inc.4
H5294Superior Health Plan, Inc.4
H5591Martin’s Point Generations Advantage, Inc.4
H5594Optimum Healthcare, Inc.4
H5652Sierra Health And Life Insurance Company, Inc.4
H5959Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Minnesota4
H5970Humana Insurance Company Of New York4
H7301Coventry Health Care Of Illinois, Inc.4
H8189Managed Health Services, Wisconsin4
H9003Kaiser Foundation Hp Of The N W4
H9615Mvp Health Plan, Inc.4
H0104Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Alabama4
H0251Unitedhealthcare Plan Of The River Valley, Inc.4
H0294Care Improvement Plus Wisconsin Insurance Company4
H0321Arizona Physicians Ipa, Inc.4
H0354Cigna Healthcare Of Arizona, Inc.4
H0504California Physicians’ Service4
H0543Uhc Of California4
H0562Health Net Of California,inc.4
H0609Pacificare Of Colorado, Inc.4
H0624Unitedhealthcare Insurance Company4
H0755Oxford Health Plans (ct), Inc.4
H1016Avmed, Inc.4
H1045Preferred Care Partners, Inc.4
H1304Regence Blueshield Of Idaho4
H1846Mount Carmel Health Insurance Company4
H1969Regence Blueshield Of Idaho4
H1997Regence Blueshield4
H2029Humana Insurance Of Puerto Rico, Inc.4
H2228Unitedhealthcare Insurance Company4
H2320Priority Health4
H2354Health Alliance Plan Of Michigan4
H2456Ucare Minnesota4
H2459Ucare Minnesota4
H2486Humana Medical Plan Of Utah, Inc.4
H2610Essence Healthcare, Inc.4
H2663Coventry Health Care Of Missouri, Inc4
H2802Unitedhealthcare Of The Midlands, Inc.4
H2960Hometown Health Plan, Inc.4
H2986Stanford Healthcare Advantage4
H3113Oxford Health Plans (nj), Inc.4
H3259Volunteer State Health Plan4
H3305Mvp Health Plan, Inc.4
H3351Excellus Health Plan, Inc.4
H3359Healthfirst Health Plan, Inc.4
H3653Paramount Care, Inc.4
H3664Aultcare Health Insuring Corporation4
H3810Allcare Health Plan, Inc.4
H3811Samaritan Health Plans, Inc.4
H3949Bravo Health Pennsylvania, Inc.4
H3954Geisinger Health Plan4
H4007Humana Health Plans Of Puerto Rico, Inc.4
H4036Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc.4
H4141Humana Employers Health Plan Of Georgia, Inc.4
H4227Vista Health Plan, Inc.4
H4279Upmc For You, Inc4
H4497Medical Mutual Of Ohio4
H4514Unitedhealthcare Community Plan Of Texas, L.l.c.4
H4604Unitedhealthcare Of Utah, Inc.4
H5008Unitedhealthcare Insurance Company4
H5010Asuris Northwest Health4
H5216Humana Insurance Company4
H5322Care Improvement Plus South Central Insurance Co.4
H5525Humana Benefit Plan Of Illinois, Inc.4
H5577Mcs Advantage, Inc.4
H5619Arcadian Health Plan, Inc.4
H5774Triple S Advantage, Inc.4
H5854Anthem Health Plans, Inc.4
H5883Blue Care Network Of Michigan4
H6306Firstcarolinacare Insurance Company4
H6328Care N’ Care Insurance Company, Inc.4
H6622Humana Wi Health Organization Insurance Corp4
H6723Medical Mutual Of Ohio4
H7220Indiana University Health Plans Nfp, Inc.4
H7917Bluecross Blueshield Of Tennessee, Inc.4
H9572Bcbs Of Michigan Mutual Insurance Company4
H9808Care N’ Care Insurance Company Of North Carolina4
R1390Humana Insurance Company4
H1352Blue-advantage Plus Of Kansas City, Inc.4
H3952Keystone Health Plan East, Inc.4
H4407Healthspring Life & Health Insurance Company4
H4909Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc.4
H5434Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Florida, Inc.4
H8064Firstcarolinacare Insurance Company4
H9525Compcare Health Services Insurance Corporation4
R0759Unitedhealthcare Insurance Company4
R2604Unitedhealthcare Insurance Company4
R7444Unitedhealthcare Insurance Company4
H7971Horizon Insurance Company3.5
H0602Rocky Mountain Health Maintenance Organization3.5
H1181Network Health Insurance Corporation3.5
H3132Ahf Mco Of Florida, Inc.3.5
H0107Health Care Service Corporation3.5
H0544Blue Cross Of California3.5
H0571Chinese Community Health Plan3.5
H1032Wellcare Of Florida, Inc.3.5
H1660Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Inc.3.5
H1944Unitedhealthcare Of New England, Inc.3.5
H2261Bcbs  Of Massachusetts Hmo Blue, Inc.3.5
H2322Alliance Health And Life Insurance Company3.5
H2450Medica Insurance Company3.5
H2962Ultimate Health Plans, Inc.3.5
H3152Aetna Health Inc. (nj)3.5
H3379Unitedhealthcare Of New York, Inc.3.5
H3387Unitedhealthcare Of New York, Inc.3.5
H3447Healthkeepers, Inc.3.5
H3561Health Net Community Solutions, Inc.3.5
H3832Hawaii Medical Service Association3.5
H3864Pacificsource Community Health Plans3.5
H3923Capital Advantage Insurance Company3.5
H3957Highmark Choice Company3.5
H3962Keystone Health Plan Central, Inc.3.5
H4152Blue Cross & Blue Shield Of Rhode Island3.5
H4527Physicians Health Choice Of Texas, Llc3.5
H4875Priority Health3.5
H5087Wellcare Of California, Inc.3.5
H5209Care Wisconsin Health Plan, Inc.3.5
H5211Security Health Plan Of Wisconsin, Inc.3.5
H5433Orange County Health Authority3.5
H5576Vantage Health Plan, Inc.3.5
H5793Aetna Health Inc. (ct)3.5
H5852Aids Healthcare Foundation3.5
H5932Gateway Health Plan, Inc.3.5
H6154Medica Health Plans3.5
H6750Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Of New England, Inc.3.5
H7149Aetna Health Inc. (pa)3.5
H7245Premera Blue Cross3.5
H7464Unitedhealthcare Of The Mid-atlantic, Inc.3.5
H8578Health New England, Inc.3.5
H8889Medica Health Plans3.5
H9001Fallon Community Health Plan3.5
R0865Humana Insurance Company3.5
R3392Humana Insurance Company3.5
R5329Sierra Health And Life Insurance Company, Inc.3.5
R5342Unitedhealthcare Insurance Company Of New York3.5
R6694Aetna Life Insurance Company3.5
H0174Wellcare Of Texas, Inc.3.5
H0423Metroplus Health Plan, Inc.3.5
H0432Unitedhealthcare Of Alabama, Inc.3.5
H0439Cigna Healthcare Of Georgia, Inc.3.5
H0523Aetna Health Of California Inc.3.5
H0545Inter Valley Health Plan, Inc.3.5
H0838Universal Care, Inc.3.5
H1099Health First Health Plans3.5
H1111Unitedhealthcare Of Georgia, Inc.3.5
H1112Wellcare Of Georgia, Inc.3.5
H1415Healthspring Life & Health Insurance Company, Inc.3.5
H1416Harmony Health Plan,  Inc.3.5
H1463Health Alliance Connect, Inc.3.5
H1607Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc.3.5
H1659Piedmont Community Healthcare, Inc.3.5
H1666Hcsc Insurance Services Company3.5
H1692Coventry Health Care Of West Virginia, Inc.3.5
H1737Health Alliance – Midwest, Inc.3.5
H1894Amerigroup Washington, Inc.3.5
H2108Bravo Health Mid-atlantic, Inc.3.5
H2171Care N’ Care Insurance Company, Inc.3.5
H2174Trillium Community Health Plan3.5
H2224Senior Whole Health, Llc3.5
H2237Independent Care Health Plan, Inc.3.5
H2406Unitedhealthcare Insurance Company3.5
H2775American Progressive Life & Hlth Ins Company Of Ny3.5
H2879Molina Healthcare Of Wisconsin, Inc.3.5
H3154Horizon Insurance Company3.5
H3170Sapphire Edge, Inc.3.5
H3204Presbyterian Health Plan3.5
H3307Oxford Health Plans (ny), Inc.3.5
H3328The New York State Catholic Health Plan, Inc.3.5
H3342Empire Healthchoice Assurance, Inc.3.5
H3404Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of North Carolina3.5
H3449Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of North Carolina3.5
H3464Unitedhealthcare Of Arkansas, Inc.3.5
H3471Health Alliance Northwest Health Plan3.5
H3533Humana Health Company Of New York, Inc.3.5
H3536Matthew Thornton Health Plan, Inc.3.5
H3672The Health Plan Of West Virginia, Inc.3.5
H3706Globalhealth, Inc.3.5
H3749Unitedhealthcare Of Oklahoma, Inc.3.5
H3755Community Care Hmo, Inc3.5
H3813Moda Health Plan, Inc.3.5
H3822Health Care Service Corporation3.5
H3909Qcc Insurance Company3.5
H3924Geisinger Indemnity Insurance Company3.5
H3928Aetna Health, Inc. (la)3.5
H3931Aetna Health Inc. (pa)3.5
H4005Triple S Advantage, Inc.3.5
H4346Hmo Colorado, Inc.3.5
H4506Selectcare Of Texas, Inc.3.5
H4523Aetna Health Inc. (tx)3.5
H4754Pacificsource Community Health Plans3.5
H5106Highmark Senior Solutions Company3.5
H5422Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Plan Of Georgia3.5
H5435Unitedhealthcare Insurance Company3.5
H5439Health Net Life Insurance Company3.5
H5549Vns Choice3.5
H5580Mercy Care3.5
H5628Molina Healthcare Of Utah, Inc.3.5
H5649Central Health Plan Of California, Inc.3.5
H5810Molina Healthcare Of California3.5
H5859Health Plan Of Careoregon, Inc.3.5
H5943Scan Health Plan3.5
H5945Prominence Healthfirst3.5
H5995Atrio Health Plans3.5
H6528Care Improvement Plus South Central Insurance Co.3.5
H6815Health Net Health Plan Of Oregon3.5
H7020Cigna Healthcare Of South Carolina, Inc.3.5
H7115Memorial Hermann Health Plan3.5
H7522Mmm Healthcare, Llc3.5
H7728Anthem Health Plans Of New Hampshire, Inc.3.5
H7787Healthspring Life & Health Insurance Company, Inc.3.5
H8003Bluecross And Blueshield Of South Carolina3.5
H8145Humana Insurance Company3.5
H8552Anthem Blue Cross Life And Health Ins Company3.5
H8649Aetna Health Of Utah, Inc3.5
H8748Unitedhealthcare Insurance Company3.5
H8854University Of Maryland Health Advantage, Inc.3.5
H9207Health Partners Plans, Inc.3.5
H9302Premera Blue Cross3.5
H9630Arkansas Health And Wellness Health Plan, Inc3.5
H9730Wellcare Health Insurance Company Of Kentucky, Inc3.5
R0110Humana Insurance Company3.5
R0923Humana Insurance Company3.5
R3332Blue Cross And Blue Shield Of Florida, Inc.3.5
R3444Care Improvement Plus South Central Insurance Co.3.5
R3887Humana Insurance Company3.5
R4182Humana Insurance Company3.5
R4487Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc.3.5
R5361Humana Insurance Company3.5
R5941Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc.3.5
R6801Care Improvement Plus Of Texas Insurance Company3.5
R7220Humana Insurance Company3.5
R7315Humana Insurance Company3.5
H2563Optima Health Plan3.5
H2593Amerigroup Texas, Inc.3.5
H3330Health Insurance Plan Of Greater New York3.5
H3979Ghs Health Maintenance Organization, Inc.3.5
H4198Communitycare Government Programs, Inc.3.5
H5190Sunshine State Health Plan, Inc.3.5
H5746Amerigroup Community Care Of New Mexico, Inc.3.5
H4868Wellcare Of New York, Inc.3
H0712Wellcare Of Connecticut, Inc.3
H1225Hopkins Health Advantage, Inc.3
H1608Coventry Health And Life Insurance Company3
H2816American Progressive Life & Hlth Ins Company Of Ny3
H2944Humana Insurance Company3
H3206Presbyterian Insurance Company, Inc.3
H3240Amerigroup New Jersey, Inc.3
H3251Health Care Service Corporation3
H3312Aetna Health Inc. (ny)3
H3347Elderplan, Inc.3
H3814Atrio Health Plans3
H3890Hopkins Health Advantage, Inc.3
H4922Agewell New York, Llc3
H5779Meridian Health Plan Of Illinois, Inc.3
H5823Molina Healthcare Of Washington, Inc.3
H5926Molina Healthcare Of Michigan, Inc.3
H5928Blue Shield Of California Promise Health Plan3
H6453Hmo Louisiana, Inc.3
H8211Mamsi Life And Health Insurance Company3
H8298Horizon Healthcare Of New Jersey, Inc.3
H8604Thp Insurance Company3
R3175Unitedhealthcare Insurance Company3
R5495Humana Insurance Company3
H0062Superior Healthplan Community Solutions, Inc.3
H0111Wellcare Of Georgia, Inc.3
H0302Medisun, Inc.3
H0913Wellcare Health Plans Of New Jersey, Inc.3
H1109Aetna Health Inc.(ga)3
H1189Christus Health Plan3
H1587Arkansas Superior Select, Inc.3
H1777Catholic Special Needs Plan, Llc3
H2241Golden State Medicare Health Plan3
H2491Wellcare Health Insurance Of Arizona, Inc.3
H2829Innovation Health Plan, Inc.3
H4213Usable Mutual Insurance Company3
H4931Banner – University Care Advantage3
H5141Clover Insurance Company3
H5430Onecare By Care1st Health Plan Arizona Inc.3
H5475Meridian Health Plan Of Michigan, Inc.3
H5587Health Choice Arizona, Inc.3
H5608Denver Health Medical Plan, Inc.3
H5656Selectcare Health Plans, Inc.3
H5826Community Health Plan Of Washington3
H5991Health Insurance Plan Of Greater New York3
H6526Unitedhealthcare Of New Mexico, Inc.3
H6743Atrio Health Plans3
H6988Centers Plan For Healthy Living, Llc3
H7173Peach State Health Plan, Inc.3
H7678Molina Healthcare Of Texas, Inc.3
H8130Molina Healthcare Of Florida, Inc.3
H8133Ghs Insurance Company3
H8432Empire Healthchoice Hmo, Inc.3
H8554Ghs Insurance Company3
H8634Health Care Service Corporation3
H8764Aspire Health Plan3
H9082Molina Healthcare Of New Mexico, Inc.3
H9408Vibra Health Plan, Inc.3
H9460Cigna Healthcare Of St Louis, Inc.3
H9699Hmo Partners, Inc.3
H9870University Health Care, Inc.3
H9877Virginia Premier Health Plan, Inc.3
R1532Humana Insurance Company3
R4845Humana Insurance Company3
R5826Humana Insurance Company3
H4388Security Health Plan Of Wisconsin, Inc.2.5
H0351Health Net Of Arizona, Inc.2.5
H1436Absolute Total Care, Inc.2.5
H8908Humana Medical Plan Of Michigan, Inc.2.5
H9276Sunshine Health Community Solutions, Inc.2.5
H9287Health Net Community Solutions Of Arizona, Inc.2.5
H3071Community Care Alliance Of Illinois, Nfp2.5
H4853Bright Health Company Of Arizona2.5
H7326Wellcare Of South Carolina, Inc.2.5
H7680Prominence Healthfirst Of Texas2.5
H2773Quality Health Plans Of New York, Inc.2
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